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Please join us at our next event!
Clivia Show

Date:   16th-17th September 2017
Time:   9-5pm

Clivia enthusiasts are invited to bring their favourite plants in on Friday 15th September for the opportunity to win the popular vote and receive a prize. Plants are displayed for the rest of the weekend. Awards are for quality growing, not rarity so come and meet other enthusiasts and see all the new stock available. Last year's winner is now being propagated from offsets and seed for the future!

See map on previous page. Or simply drive along Armadale Road, we are west of the traffic lights on Nicholson Road, barely 50m!

Many thanks to all the supporters and helpers at our last show. New watercolours and particolours  (multi-coloured flowers) will be available and some exceptional new crosses are expected to flower for the first time this year! Picotee is the new release for 2016 in a range of colours!

This is the weekend for special deals and Collectors bargains. Recommended to preview during the week before or get your name down for that special one you just must have.

PS The foul weather played havoc with the flowering season this year but the bonus is a longer season with plants still coming into flower and offsets from parent plants flower much sooner than seedlings!

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