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Clivia Care

Clivias are hardy dry shade plants that require very little water in summer and more in winter. Too much water  in summer will cause them to rot and the ends of the leaves will go brown. White fluff/mould in the middle of the plant is caused by Mealybug and can be treated with Lawn Beetle killer containing Chlorpyrifos. Most effective chemical we have found to date!
Clivias don't mind being crowded in a pot and will thrive under trees, under patios or indoors near a window, but will only tolerate dappled sunlight. Ideal for that southern aspect. Give a feed of slow release twice a year and a teaspoon of Sulphate of Potash Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar for spectacular flowers in Aug-Oct! Or use liquid Sulphate of Potash for a foliar feed.

Supplies of Chlorpyrifos, sulphate of potash, best slow release fertiliser and recommended potting mix are all available at Forrestdale Garden Centre. The advice is free!
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